Hand Car Washing in Wilmington, NC

Did you know that those high-pressure power car washes and rotating brushes can scratch your car’s paint finish and possibly damage softer surfaces like convertible tops? That’s why Wilmington car lovers come to Port City Detail for a full-service hand car wash. We provide hand car washes for your boat, SUV, cars and trucks, as well as fleet service vehicles.

Whether you want to drop off your vehicle for a hand car wash or let us wash while you wait in our comfortable lounge, you can be sure no stiff automatic car wash brushes will damage your car’s finish.

Hand Car Washing Wilmington, NC

Our Hand Car Wash Service Includes:

  • Washing the exterior of your vehicle by hand
  • Cleaning your car rims
  • Dressing your tires so they look showroom black

  • Cleaning your car windows inside and out
  • Vacuuming the carpets
  • Wiping down the door jambs

In addition to our car washing service, we offer a complete menu of professional auto detailing. Check out our Car Detailing Pricing page for details on all our services and individual pricing.

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