Car Engine Steam Cleaning in Wilmington, NC

If you’re looking for the total auto detailing treatment to get your car or truck ready for the next car show or you just like everything you own to be squeaky-clean, Port City Detail’s engine steam cleaning service could be just what you need.

Not everyone agrees a car engine should be, or needs to be, steam-cleaned. There are arguments for and against engine steam cleaning, but if you’re looking for an under-the-hood cleaning to get rid of the road dust, grime and grease, give us a call.

Car Engine Steam Cleaning Wilmington, NC

When you steam-clean your car or truck’s engine, it reduces the likelihood of an engine fire because you’re eliminating flammable fluids from the engine compartment, and a clean engine doesn’t heat up as quickly. It also makes it easier for you or your car mechanic to spot any fluid leaks, and then once corrected, it spruces up the appearance of your engine. This is why many claim that when you have your car engine steam-cleaned, you extend the useful life of the engine.

If you’ve ever seen oily marks underneath your vehicle ranging from a yellowish to black color or smelled a foul fume in and around your car, you might have an oil leak. Finding it can be difficult with a dirty engine compartment. Engine steam cleaning can make finding this problem easier. When you're considering auto detailing for your vehicle, don't forget about engine steam cleaning for a like-new clean.

More about engine steam cleaning:

  • Engine steam cleaning can be cheaper than letting an untreated leak go undetected, causing severe engine damage.
  • Engine steam cleaning is effective for all sizes and types of engines.
  • Improves driving safety by reducing the likelihood of an engine fire.
  • Makes engine diagnosis much faster and more accurate - saving you money.

  • Locate the fluid leak's exact location.
  • Removes accumulated dirt, debris, or salt and other road residue.
  • Extends the life of your engine.

Hire Our Experts for Engine Steam Cleaning 

You’ll want to choose an expert like the techs at Port City Detail to avoid damage to your car's electronic control systems. Using too much hot water and high-pressure increases the risk of these components being exposed to water.

Spark plugs, cables, and ignition coils make up your vehicle’s ignition system and must be carefully cleaned to avoid expensive damage.

The air intake system of your car includes a throttle body, air filter, and mass flow sensor and is usually pretty hardy when it comes to engine steam cleaning procedures. Caution needs to be exercised to be certain the vehicle’s air ductwork doesn’t get disconnected by high-pressure steam. This can lead to water in your engine.

Engine Steam Cleaning Wilmington, NC

In addition to engine steam cleaning service, we offer a complete menu of professional auto detailing. Check out our Car Detailing Pricing page for details on all our services and individual pricing.

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