Boat Detailing in Wilmington, NC

You spend as much time on your boat as possible, but washing and detailing isn’t what you had in mind when you went boat shopping, was it?

Proper care is critical for the long-term survival of the exposed surfaces of your boat. The sun, salt and other elements take a toll when you’re out on the water just for the day. Imagine how much damage your boat’s gel coat, vinyl and fiberglass suffer all year-long while docked or out on the water. Contact Port City Detail for professional boat detailing in Wilmington, NC.

Boat Detailing in Wilmington, NC

It all starts with a proper boat cleaning. A boat wash immediately removes the superficial layer of salts, dirt, and debris that collects on your hull and other surfaces. Boat washing is something every vessel requires. Salt water, if not properly removed, will etch water spots into the gel coat, vinyl, glass, and isinglass. Salt water is very corrosive and will quickly destroy your boat’s metal surfaces, as well. Even if you wax your boat, if it’s not washed regularly, it will develop metal corrosion and etched water marks.

Receive A Quality Boat Detailing With Port City Detail

Boat detailing goes beyond a simple powerboat washing by sealing and protecting that expensive gel coat that extends the useful life of your vessel. We all know metal, water and salt don’t play nice together; therefore metal parts must be washed and polished to inhibit future damage while removing the current corrosion. Polishing isinglass and sealing it helps maintain the clarity of clear vinyl isinglass boat windows and prevents yellowing and clouding.

Our professional boat wash services include the following:

  • Wash all exterior surfaces
  • Cleaning of non-skid, vinyl and canvas
  • Clean isinglass and windows

  • Chamois dry all surfaces
  • Vacuum exterior carpets

In addition to boat detailing service, we offer a complete menu of professional auto detailing. Check out our Car Detailing Pricing page for details on all our services and individual pricing.

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